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Kukatpally 3 machines expansion

Sri Bramharishi Gurvanand Swamy Gurudev Visit - BMDC-Kingkothi

    • Sri Bramharishi Gurvanand Swamy Gurudev. Viswa Dharma Chetana Manch, Sri Bramharishi Ashram, Tirupati.Visited BMDC-Kingkothi centre on 17th Jan 2015 and given blessings to all Patients and Staff.

HIV & HBV Dialysis Centre Opening- 2015

    • Exclusive Dialysis centre open for HIV & HBV patients with 8 Dialysis Machines at Mahavir hospital and Research Centre on 25th Dec 2015 by Rajive sharma IAS.

Dialysis patients field trip

    • Dialysis patients field trip on 7th Aug 2011 from BMDC-Kingkothi centre.

Inauguration of BMDC - Mahavir Expansion - 2018

    • •In addition we have added 26 Machines on 25th Feb 2018 at our Center at Mahavir Hospital in order to meet the growing demand from the area, Inaugurated by Sri E S L Narsimhan Hon. Governor TS&AP.

Inauguration of BMDC - Secunderabad - 2016

    • Inauguration of BMDC - Secunderabad with 12 Machines In partnership with Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan, Rotary International and Gurunanak Medical Centre on 10th July 2016 by .Kalvakuntla Kavitha,Member of the Lok Sabha .

Inauguration of BMDC - Kingkoti Expansion - 2016

    • Inaguration of BMDC - King Koti Expansion with 14 machines(Total 38 machines) on 23rd Oct 2016 by Mr. Rajeshwar Tiwari , Special Chief Secretary Health Medical & Family Welfare, Govt of Telangana .

JAGRATI - 2015

    • on 15th January 2015 at Lalithakala Thoranam by Sri Bramharishi Gurvanand Swamy Gurudev. Viswa Dharma Chetana Manch, Sri Bramharishi Ashram, Tirupati and Sri Shailesh Lodha ,Taarak mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah fame

Inauguration of BMDC - Kukatpally Expansion Centre - 2015

    • Inauguration of BMDC - Kukatpally Expansion Centre with 12 machines(Total 24 machines) on 18th January 2015 by Mr Narsing Rao, IAS.

Patients Awareness Programme - 2014

    • Conducted on 20th July 2014 with 1250 patients and senior Nephrologists and doctors. Total 64105 dialysis done for 660 patients.

JAGRATI - 2013

    • On 31st August 2013 at Juwel Garden.

Inauguration of BMDC - Mahavir - 2013

    • Inaguration of our 3rd Dialysis Centre BMDC Mahavir with 27 Machines on 1st September 2013 by Mr Gopalakrishna, IAS. 1st dialysis done on 2nd September 2013.

BMDC Kukatpally pooja - 2012

    • On 1st July 2012 at Ramdev Rao Hospital with 12 dialysis machines.

JAGRATI - 2012

    • On 30th June 2012 at Bhantia Garden with Chief Guest Shri Deepak Shah.

BMDC-Kingkothi Official Inauguration - 2011

    • Official Inaguration of our first Dialysis centre with 24 dialysis machines at king koti on 21st August 2011 by Dr Phanikoteshwar Rao and Mr Anjan Kumar Yadav.

BMDC-Kingkothi 1st Dialysis

    • BMDC Kingkothi 1st dialysis was done on 9th July 2011 by Dr PV Ramesh, IAS, Principle Secretary.

BMDC-Kingkothi Visitor

    • Matha visited BMDC Kingkothi On 23rd Dec 2011.

BMDC-Mahavir pooja - 2013

    • pooja on 25th Aug 2013 at BMDC Mahavir

Sri Madhusudana chary Speaker ,TS Visit - BMDC-Kingkothi

    • Sri Madhusudana chary Speaker ,TS visited BMDC Kingkothi on 7th Nov 2014.

Sri Suresh Chandra IAS Principal Secretary,Health,Medical visit - BMDC Kingkothi

    • Sri Suresh Chandra IAS Principal Secretary,Health,Medical visit - BMDC Kingkothi on 16th Aug 2015

BMDC-Secunderabad pooja -2016

    • pooja on 25th June 2016 at BMDC Secunderabad.

JAGRATI - 2018

    • On 24th Feb 2018 at Marvel garden. The Chief Guest was Shri Padmanabaiah IAS(Rtd) and Guest of honour Dr.Rajiv Sharma IAS(Rtd).

Inauguration of BMDC-Kukatpally expansion - 2018

      Inauguration of BMDC-Kukatpally expansion with another 14 machines (Total 38 Machines) on 24th Feb 2018 by Dugar family

BMDC-Mahavir expansion pooja - 2018

    • BMDC-Mahavir expansion pooja on 9th Feb 2018.

Website launching

    • Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation Trust official WEBSITE launched on 3rd Feb 2018 .

Inauguration of BMDC-Kukatpally - 2012

    • Inaguration of our 2nd Dialysis centre with 12 machines on 1st July 2012 by Mr. Krishna Babu, IAS, GHMC Commissioner. 1st dialysis started on 9th July 2012

Visit to former President of India

    • Members visited former President late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, briefed him about the dialysis programme. Mr Kalam praised the programme and gave suggestions. He suggested for a mobile dialysis unit for more improvement.

District collector impressed with trust activities, promises full help.

    • Mr Natarajan Gulzar, district collector of Hyderabad visited the trust on 27th March 2011. He was impressed with the activities of the trust and promised full help including king koti centre.

JAGRATI – 2011

    • On 5th June 2011 at Ravindrabharti. The Chief Guest was Deepakbhai Shah and Guest of honour was Late Shri Vimal Kumar Jain

BMDC- Kingkothi pooja - 2011

    • Pooja on 6th June 2011 on the occasion of our first Dialysis centre inauguration at king koti with 24 dialysis machines.

JAGRATI (An Awakening) - 2010

    • On 14th March 2010. It was a huge success as 2.5 Crores were committed on a single day. Famous singer Roop Kumar Rathod performed live. Mr Navin Mittal, IAS was the chief guest. The live concert was followed by a speechdelivered by Shri Deepak Shah.

Government order issued for 24 dialysis units.

    • Andhra Pradesh Government ordered for 24 dialysis units for our first dialysis centre in Nizam heritage building, king koti district government hospital on 13th December 2010.

1st day of Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation trust.

    • Started on 12th June 2009. 1st dialysis at Mahavir Hospital and Research centre,Masabtank,Hyderanad.

Winner of 21st Mahaveer Award for Excellence

    <ul class="list-inline"> <li>Winner of 21st Mahaveer Award for Excellence in Human Endeavour in the field of Medicine. .</li> </ul>
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