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The Trust

The Jain Dialysis Trust was founded by sixteen like-minded friends with the mission of supporting financially weak patients suffering from kidney failure who needed regular Dialysis.

In the long run, Dialysis is inevitably a lost battle. The medical procedure costs huge money, doesn’t assure complete cure and eventually leads to the death of the patient. Along with the patient’s physical sufferings, the immediate family runs into a debt trap footing the exorbitant medical bills. More often than not, people are compelled to borrow, sell or mortgage their property and jewelry.

To help patients tide over their financial obligations, sixteen friends came together with a mission. The trust established and registered it in July 2009 with five patients and with 16 Dialysis sessions utilizing the facility of Mahavir Hospital.

There has been no looking back and within a span of nine years, the trust has extended to reach over 8900 patients; 1100 patients are at present receiving over 10000 Dialysis session support every month at five of our own centres.


Our Centres

Our centres are at

  • King Koti Govt. Hospital
  • Ramdev Rao Hospital – Kukatpally
  • Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre – A.C. Guards
  • Guru Nanak Medical Centre – Gurudwara, Secunderabad
  • Zoi Hospital Piller No: 145 Attapur
  • Other associated hospitals in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

The trust is funded with donations from benevolent individuals. The facility standards are at par with any other private Dialysis centres in Hyderabad. The 5 centres are equipped with 155 state-of-the-art Dialysis machines with modern Dialyzer washers; backed with technically advanced equipment to maintain high hygienic standards.

A token amount of 200 is charged for each session at our centres as against the market rate of 1200 to 4000.


The Care

Treating Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients suffering from HIV & HBV calls for high professional expertise, where both the patient as well as the treating staff needs to be protected. A special care ward was set up at Mahavir Hospital with 8 machines to address such patients at only Rs.200. The used consumables were also not charged for and discarded after every use. As per the Government directives, the centres also treats Aarogyasri patients (BPL) along with the regular patients.

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